Ammon McFate 1874-1962
Bible Timeline Developer
Original Bible History Chart
Created by Ammon McFate
Original Bible Timeline

Hello, My name is Kevin McFate, I am the Great-Grandson of Ammon M. McFate, who was the visionary Historian that brought to us this very unique Bible Timeline Chart. This timeless masterpiece has been handed down from father to son for four generations. It is very important to protect and preserve the integrity of this one of a kind work.

My Great-Grandfather first conceived the idea of this chart around 1900. Most of the rest of his life was devoted to developing the chart. He painstakingly researched and collected information from many sources throughout the 1920's, 30's, 40's, and finally began marketing the chart in the 1950's. He found there was great public interest in this unique tool that provided such an easy educational approach to history. Ammon M. McFate passed away in 1962. The world truly lost a brilliant mind and a great historian.

The McFate Family has been marketing the Bible History Timeline for many years. However, I personally became interested and intrigued with the Chart a few years ago. I decided to bring it up to date, add more information and with the technology now available, improve the aesthetics of the Chart. The updated font is much clearer and easier to read. The revised graphics and colors of the new Timeline enhance any home or office decor. It was quite an ambitious project, but the results have made the painstaking and tedious work well worth the effort.