Bible Timeline Testimonials

A Letter is Worth a Thousand Words

SnapShot "I would like to start this letter by saying thank you. This poster is truly amazing. I've been a bible student for many years. Seeing the timeline on paper in one consistent flow opens your eyes to new reasoning regarding when the prophets lived and how they overlapped in time.....AMAZING. Gives you a whole different perspective on things you haven't considered previously. When we first viewed the poster, my wife Ginger and I looked it over in detail and compared it to our bible. Extensive research has been done. I'm definitely glad I ordered it. Thank you."

Joe and Ginger Nunes
Foresthill, California

Snap Shot "I purchased your "Bible and World History Timeline" chart as a historical source for my teaching of the book of Genesis.

After just finishing a class on "The Book of The Revelation", I am in the process of preparation and study to start a class this fall on the study of the first book of the Old Testament, using the "Progressive Theory" approach.

I was absolutely thrilled at what this chart presented as I unrolled it from the mailing tube. The more I studied the more pleased I became. With a long history as a bible and Sunday school teacher, I want to say it is one of the best records of world historical events as related to Religious history and the beginning of mankind, I have ever seen. Its value in my being able to present the Book of Genesis in an understandable way is unprecedented. I live at an independent retirement facility here in Greensboro, North Carolina and will be teaching a class of residents.

Thank you for your efforts, and the efforts of your family in developing this wonderful tool."

Ralph E. Myers
Greensboro, NC

Snap Shot I recently purchased three Bible Time Lines to give as gifts to my two sons who are both Pastors & Leaders in Young Life, and also my daughter who is a Christian history teacher and also involved with Young Life. I cannot think of a more perfect gift for anyone involved with ministry of any kind. I am planning to get one more and present it to the Leader of our adult rehab ministry. Thank you so much for the inspiration and ministry that these wonderful charts give.

Jan Warner

Snap Shot "Wow!! What a great reference for world history research. A complete Biblical and historical chronology laid out in one view makes it easy to see what was happening around the world at any given time in history. The large layout makes it easy to use. Thanks so much for making this resource available!"

Randy Burk
Fostoria, OH

Snap Shot "I am writing this letter to thank you for the World History Timeline & A Glimpse Into The Life And Teaching of Christ charts."

I am just a student of God's Word and enjoy anything that enhances Biblical studies. When I found the timeline on the web; I said that I have to have it. The size of the chart is impressive and comprehensive. The detailed and timed work that went into making such a tool is profound to any student of the Bible. I want to encourage anyone that study's God's Word to get this into their hands, its worth and value is incalculable.

Thanks again for the endless hours and the work that you do to help others pursue better Biblical understanding. Everything that you do to help others, our Lord will not let go unnoticed. God's blessing is upon you and your family."

Sam Tiner M.A., Th.
Sand Springs, OK

Snap Shot "Visual beings that we are, I find that it is extremely helpful for me to learn and remember when I am able to see the information. I am an avid reader and can create in my mind's eye the story, unlike facts which seem to hang out there scattered. This Timeline of the biblical and secular histories is fantastic, giving me perspective from God's point of view. I can perceive his view of time when I see how He has interplayed the lives of humankind...."

Laurie Bradway
Aurora, IL

Snap Shot "I am writing as a satisfied customer, thanking you for the Bible and World History Timeline. Recently, I have been studying Church History, and this timeline has really helped me put things into perspective, with an easy one-source view. However, the subject of Church History is only a small portion of the numerous studies that your timeline will assist me in.

Your Bible and World History Timeline will provide my family years of enjoyment and will aid us in our study of God's Holy Word. I appreciate the artistic and scholarly work that has gone into this valuable resource. Thank you."

Jonathan Harless and family
Fort Lewis, WA

Snap Shot "My family is blessed to have this beautiful chart. It helps us to better understand the time history of the Bible. From the bottom of our hearts, we encourage every Christian believer to get a copy of this chart. It's awesome and we surely love it. All the hands that prepared this chart are surely blessed. We thank you all for your dedication to this beautiful chart."

The Stanford Family
Harrison, AR

SnapShot "A friend showed me one of the Bible and World History Timelines, and gave me the information for ordering one. The study of church history as it corresponds to world history is something I really love and have found very helpful in my own understanding of the Bible and in helping others understand the Bible.

When I saw your timeline, I immediately recognized it as a valuable asset in this study. It is a well researched tool and helps us see what else was going on in the world during the times of the Bible. It is always good to see the kingdoms of the world in relation to the days of the Prophets. The influence upon God’s people was strong, and often not good. Many Biblical passages mean much more to us when we recognize the history surrounding the times.

Besides its obvious use in Bible study, I believe the timeline will be very helpful to those who home school. It is simple enough for even the young children to understand.

Thank you for your work in putting together this tool."

Charles Coats
Webberville, MI

Snap Shot "The Bible and World History Timeline Chart has greatly enhanced my understanding of Bible times and what was going on in other parts of the world at the same time. This also will be a learning tool for our grandchildren who are being home schooled.

Thank you for the time and effort in designing and researching this chart."

Roger Tew
Winona Lake, IN

Snap Shot "Where can I begin? I purchased the Bible Timeline to help me with my Bible studies and actually got more than I expected. That doesn’t surprise me. At first I was in awe at the sheer size; when put to use I began to pull together the chronology of events and the Biblical personage that is so complete. The detail is joyfully comprehensive. I feel that I have a total Biblical resource library at a glance.

I am grateful to have the Timeline and would recommend it to everyone. I know I will acquire years of enjoyment from all the effort you have made in bringing into being this great resource."

David Gilbert
Johnsburg, IL

Snap Shot "I am so glad to send you a testimony letter about the timeline chart that you sent me. I have always tried to make graphs and timelines of the Bible, but it never worked out. When I saw yours, I thought I could never learn to use it, but I was so engrossed with it that I could not leave it alone. I showed everyone. Now I can read it and learn things that would never stick in my mind before."

Barbara L. Cheek
Hawi, HI